Stay Gold Font for $35


Stay Gold Font

Stay Gold Script is a highly usable, powerful typeface. Perfect for everything from street wear brand to wedding invitations, sports team logos to band logos. Use it however you see fit. Just one thing - it’s not designed for all-caps settings.

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Starburst Font for $49


Starburst Font

Starburst is a gestural light script, created initially with an oblique nib for Copperplate and pencil. The idea was to interpret a real expressive energetic and gestural calligraphy, playing with pressures and angles following always a very dynamic flow. Rhythmical and full of grace, Starburst is the best fusion between calligraphy and typography. Every stroke has been sketched first by Giuseppe Salerno.

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Softipen Script Font for $27


Softipen Script Font

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Oui FY Font Family - 3 Fonts $35


Oui FY Font Family

Same weight, same width but different heights: Small, Normal and Big… here is the secret of this singular sans serif font family. You can mix and match its friendly and well balanced upper case letters to create original dancing words, or simply choose one of them and be wiser. Originally created for a theatre identity project, Oui FY is perfect to give life to your designs, and stage with “allure” your layouts. Searching an original sans serif fonts for your logotypes, headlines or baselines? The answer is OUI. Oui FY was created by Christina Poth and edited by Fontyou.

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Zona Black Slab Font Family - 2 Fonts $10
Zona Black Slab Font Family - 2 Fonts $10


Zona Black Slab Font Family

Zona Black Slab is a geometric slab–serif display black typeface. It is the brother font of Zona Black which was inspired by posters from the late 1920’s. Despite being black it has a tall x–height making it quite legible even in smaller sizes.It’s strong features are the clean lines and neat square slabs and the distinct glyphs which tend to look even more beautiful in big sizes. Zona Black Slab supports latin and greek characters, ligatures and special characters. The Zona Black Slab awaits you!

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Tillom Font Family - 2 Fonts $49


Tillom Font Family

Tillom font family comes in two styles; decorative and semi-decorative. Tillom DC font contains 25 ornaments, especially it is used as borders. Tillom is a slender font to use when creating decorative logos, posters, t-shirts etc.

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Amazing SS - Black Textures 3, 25xEPS

25 EPS | + JPEG Preview | 114 Mb RAR

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Preview Fonts CS6 - Component for Adobe Ps, Ai, Fl, Fw



Official Site

Adobe CS5.5+ | ZXP | 4 Mb RAR


This product was made to solve a problem I faced on a daily basis with finding and filtering the right font for the project, there are font programs that can do this but its a pain to flip between two programs while working in Adobe.


Here's 6 cool things it can do:

• Preview your system fonts in a visual way

• Shortlist fonts you would like to use for your projects

• Save font sets so you can filter fonts you used for a certain project or regularly.

• Change the font size for the preview.

• Preview in two modes, list view & box view.

• The plugin is very fast and responsive.


Not sure if this product is for you? Wondering if you'll get good use out of it?


You should buy this product if:

• You work with fonts a lot or have many fonts installed.

• You want to find the right font quickly.

• You don't want to spend hours looking for the right font.

• You make a lot of logos and mock-ups for clients.

• You would like to save time while finding the right font.


You should NOT buy this product if:

• You have lots of time to apply fonts and try each one.

• You like trail and error picking from adobe's font list.

• You don't like plugins because they seem technical.

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Saline Font for $35


Saline Font

Saline is a angular and bumpy brush script. It includes set of nautical ornaments as a OpenType feature.

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Meritage Font for $49


Meritage Font

OpenType users benefit from alternate lowercase characters, crossbar ligatures for common letter pairings, case sensitive quotes and smart apostrophes. Other goodies include optional old style numerals and a few clip-on swash elements, accessible by keyboard or supporting application’s OpenType glyph menu. Meritage Pro extends the character set to support Eastern European and Baltic languages.

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Emily In White Font for $59


Emily In White Font

She did not live to experience her breakthrough as a poet, but today she is considered one of the pioneers of literary modernity – the American lyricist Emily Dickinson (1830–1886). She left behind a life’s work of manuscripts on scraps of paper, note pads and letters – and a last wish, that these were to be burned. Emily’s younger sister Lavinia did not fulfill her wish – and thus preserved the ingenious manuscript-objects for posterity. For Julia Sysmäläinen, designer of the award winning Kafka type family FF Mister K, Dickinson’s manuscripts were an inspiration and a source for creating her new typeface “Emily In White”. Emily In White – named after Emily Dickinson’s preference for white clothes – captures the most filigree letterforms of the poet’s multifaceted writing style. With hundreds of alternates and ligatures and a complex OpenType feature code it manages to revive the lively sequence of single and connected glyphs of a delicate handwriting which has been described as “breezing” and “reminding of bird tracks”. Language support Western and Central European, over 1800 glyphs.

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Predy Font for $55


Predy Font

In the era of digital types, the round handmade cursive continues to intrigue many type designers, probably by their beautiful and graceful calligraphic origins. However, what is certainly true, is that all good traditional pen-formed script may be suitable for a wide range of fine graphic works. The Predy typeface is based on the famous style of the 19th Century: The English handwriting made by pen. It is a connected cursive in the tradition of the “ronde”. This typeface is constructed upon their vigorous ascenders with loops, two times the lengths of the descenders with an extremely short x-high. The uppercase is a classical modern roman typeface (Didona) that are accompanying with a set of accurate flourished capitals as alternates of the calligraphic style. Predy font comes with a set of decorative glyphs including old style figures, terminal letters, ligatures, alternates and swashes. This font will lend elegance and sophistication to a wide variety of design projects like wedding, invitations cards, logotypes, packaging and posters.

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Patriciana Font for $46


Patriciana Font

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LoveChristmas Font $20


LoveChristmas Font

Following the success of our LoveHearts, valentine inspired ornaments, we decided to show our love for Christmas. With more than 170 hand drawn unique designs, LoveChristmas is the perfect choice for designing Christmas greeting cards and gift wraps as well as letter signatures and accessories.

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Tawasul Font $16


Tawasul Font

Tawasul is an Arabic typeface inspired by folkloric arts. The Letter forms were derived from Naskh style, with the effect of penmanship. The font is developed for design projects which require a spontaneous and unprompted impression.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 4 Mb RAR

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Dimensions Font Family - 14 Fonts for $200


Dimensions Font Family

Dimensions is redesigned font family based on Blackout font released as free font in 2005. The original blackout has been used especially for company or brand logo of fashion and music label in the world. In 2011, Blackout had evolved into this Dimensions font family of seven weights with roman and italics. They are one of the most condensed, black and skinny font in the world. All weights and italics have upper and lower cases, accented characters and small capital glyphs that can be used with OpenType smcp feature.

OTF | 14 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 3.6 Mb RAR

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CRR NTN Font Family - 2 Fonts for $55


CRR NTN Font Family

CRR NTN regular and outline, is a futuristic font family. It works well as an identity logo type and 3D work. Together using the outline and the regular font, you can create endless combinations.

TTF | 2 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 3.3 Mb RAR

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Edo Pro Font for $10


Edo Pro Font

A free-flowing brush script with only uppercase letters. Now with a professional and multilingual character set! Vic Fieger says: "The letters in Edo were hand-drawn using a thick black permanent marker with a flat head. The head was chopped up using a box cutter to create a “brush” effect. The entire font was made while watching Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. Edo has been used by video game-makers UbiSoft in their game adaptation of the 2007 animated film Surf’s Up, as well as ads for the Fuse 2006 Warped Tour. More recently, it has turned up in such places as the cover for the US release of the manga Teru Teru x Shonen, and the logo for A&E’s program, “The Cleaner.”

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Armature - Drag-n-Drop Wireframing Extension

Official Site

Adobe Illustrator CS5+ | ZXP | 3.2 Mb RAR

Build User Interfaces Fast in the Tool You Already Design in!

Armature is the ultimate wireframing extension for Adobe Illustrator. Conceptualize web and mobile layouts quickly and efficiently by simply adding objects to any artboard. Armature’s well-organized, fully searchable library contains headers, footers, menus, tabs, toggles, tooltips, placeholders, content blocks, form elements and even complete layouts—the list goes on. 


• Installs in seconds

• Double-click or drag-n-drop any object

• Fast auto-complete style search—find any object in the library quickly

• New objects being added all the time—no need to objects appear automagically!


Panels include:

• Common Elements – headers, footers, content blocks, placeholders, graphs and lots more

• Mobile Objects (at retina size) – everything you can imagine to build mobile views quickly

• Form Elements – inputs, selects, sliders and even fully formatted forms 

• Layouts – complete layouts including blogs, ecommerce, portfolios, sign-ins, calendars and tables



For web objects, Armature also conforms to the Twitter Bootstrap grid but can represent virtually any layout. Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS5, CC and CC 2014.

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Amazing SS - 2015 Calendar Templates 5, 25xEPS

25 EPS | + JPEG Preview | 194 Mb RAR

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Wood Bonnet Antique No. 7 Font for $40


Wood Bonnet Antique No. 7

Wood Bonnet Antique No.7 is based on real vintage wood type blocks from Switzerland. The very distressed letters give a warm analogue vintage charm on printing. These kind of wood type letters were very common and often named by generic names like Roman, French or Antique followed by a catalog number. But these letters have some very quirky details hard to find else were. The font offers up to four glyph variations of all the Latin base letters, figures and some additional letters. An OpenType glyph-rotator is programmed to emulate the randomness of old school printing on live typing. All dingbats of the specimen file are included in the font data too.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 6.3 Mb RAR

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Bringin Script Font for $20



Bringin Script

Bringin is informal script lettering font with a bunch of alternative characters to choose. Bringin uses OpenType feature such as swash, ligature and alternates that can be found by using OpenType savvy program such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Bringin is bouncy and smooth and has a very feel. You have a lot of options to customize it and that makes it perfect for logos, packages and titles.It can be accessed by using OpenType savvy program such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. The Manual that show you how to use OpenType feature was included in the package.

OTF + TTF | 1 Font | JPG Preview | 3.4 Mb RAR

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XXII Marker Font for $10



XXII Marker

OTF | 1 Font | JPG Preview | 3.5 Mb RAR

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Brilliant Font Family - 3 Fonts for $90



Brilliant Font Family

Brilliant is a modern antiqua typeface that includes three weights. It is both very readable and easy to cut. The corners in the typeface makes it easy to cut, but doesn’t disturb the readability. Brilliant is perfect for big sizes, headlines and characterful sublines.

TTF | 3 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 3.6 Mb RAR

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Morning Glory Font for $20


Morning Glory Font

Morning Glory inspired from Victorian age, take a culture of fashions, politic and art its really great font for your band, company, label, clothing company, vintage or classic stuff, etc.

OTF + TTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 3 Mb RAR

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