THE FOUNDRY NUKE 7.0v4 | Mac Os X | 296.4 MB

Our NUKE products offer high-end video compositing capabilities, and are both open and scriptable so can easily integrate into visual effects pipelines of all shapes and sizes. We provide users with the most extensive compositor toolkits available in the market today, allowing our customers to create cutting edge professional content from their desktop or workplace. NUKE 7.0 comes with a host of polished and perfected tools to streamline your day-to-day workflow, as well as exciting new feature additions to complement its highly acclaimed feature set.

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iFlicks 1.4.7 (1169) MacOSX

iFlicks 1.4.7 (1169) | Mac Os X | 11.4 MB

Using iFlicks you can easily import your Video Collection into iTunes. This gives you the ability to watch your Videos directly in iTunes or transfer them to your Apple TV, iPad, iPod or iPhone. On top of that iFlicks downloads Metadata for your Videos and lets you tweak the Metadata manually. Managing your Video Collection in iTunes has never been this easy.

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HDRsoft Photomatix Pro 4.2.6 MacOSX (English/German/French)

HDRsoft Photomatix Pro 4.2.6 MacOSX (English/German/French) | 36MB

Photomatix Pro processes multiple photographs of a high contrast scene into a single image with details in both highlights and shadows. Photomatix offers two types of processes to increase the dynamic range. One process is called HDR Tone Mapping, the other Exposure Blending. Both processes are designed to produce an image with an increased apparent dynamic range, but their results are different. You should try both and then choose the result that works best with your images. The first section of this manual provides tips for taking photographs intended for High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing in Photomatix Pro. The second section describes how to create HDR images and process them through Tone Mapping. The third section deals with the Exposure Blending functions, and the fourth section with the Batch Processing tool. Finally, section five provides a few tips and techniques.

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ExactScan Pro 2.24 MacOSX

ExactScan Pro 2.24 | Mac Os X | 13.7 MB

The new ExactScan Pro version includes an OCR engine to create easily searchable documents with a fingertip on-the-fly. Just select the language from your document in the OCR preferences and start to scan - some number crunching and a few seconds later you receive your searchable document.

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KCNcrew Pack 02-15-13 Mac OS X

KCNcrew Pack 02-15-13 Mac OS X | 5.2 MB

Database of serials/cracks for Mac OS X

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MacFamilyTree 6.3.6 MacOSX

MacFamilyTree 6.3.6 | Mac Os X | 108 MB

With MacFamilyTree 6, we rethought the way you enter your family data. And right now, there is no more intuitive and more practical way of entering your information that we know of. The new Family Tree Editor, a much enhanced version of the former Family Assistant, gives you both the structure, as well as the details. You'll see who is related to whom without searching lengthy lists, while editing a person's information is just a click away. That way, wether you are an experienced user or a genealogy novice, you will find the right person to edit in no time, so you can dedicate more of your precious time to research.

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THE FOUNDRY HIERO 1.6 v.1 (Mac Os X)

THE FOUNDRY HIERO 1.6 v.1 | Mac Os X | 318 MB

HIERO has been designed to take care of shot management, conform and review for visual effects; enabling collaborative working with NUKE and other editorial, VFX and finishing tools. HIERO was built from the ground up to address the challenges of collaborative working on VFX projects, especially those with a quick turnaround, and create a smooth workflow out of the box. HIERO enables collaborative working with NUKE and other editorial, VFX and finishing tools. Both open and scriptable, HIERO can integrate into your pipeline like no other VFX timeline available on the market today. Save time in conform, maintain an up-to-date timeline, look at shots in context, simplify versioning and review, standardise colour management and remove complicated manual processes — all with HIERO.

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THE FOUNDRY HIEROPLAYER v1.6V1 (Windows/MacOSX) | 81.1/107 Mb

HIEROPLAYER is a VFX review tool built for artists, complementing. HIERO and integrating with NUKE, and the VFX pipeline. With the closest NUKE integration, HIEROPLAYER gives NUKE artists the power to review and playback every shot on the VFX timeline and view their work in context.

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Boinx FotoMagico 4.2 MacOSX

Boinx FotoMagico 4.2 | Mac Os X | 106 MB

Crafted by photographers for photographers, award-winning FotoMagico is the slideshow tool of choice for thousands of photographers. Turn your pictures and movies into a powerful story with a few simple clicks and present it live in high resolution or share it in a variety of formats, including on your iPad, iPhone, website or a DVD with your customers or peers.

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THE FOUNDRY OCULA v3.0V3 for NUKE (Windows/MacOSX)

THE FOUNDRY OCULA v3.0V3 for NUKE (Windows/MacOSX) | 32.9/31.4 MB

OCULA is a unique collection of plug-in tools for NUKE that solve common problems with stereoscopic imagery, boost productivity in post production and ultimately help deliver a more rewarding stereoscopic viewing experience.

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OnOne Perfect Photo Suite v7.1 Premium Edition MacOSX
OnOne Perfect Photo Suite v7.1 Premium Edition MacOSX | 905MB

Create extraordinary images in less time than ever before with Perfect Photo Suite 7. With seven powerful products, you'll have everything you'll need to solve the most common problems in digital photography, maximize your creativity and realize your photographic vision. Perfect Photo Suite 7 includes the new Perfect B&W to develop stunning black and white images, Perfect Portrait for simply easy portrait retouching, Perfect Effects and FocalPoint for creative effects, Perfect Layers for a layered workflow without Photoshop, Perfect Mask for replacing backgrounds and Perfect Resize for image enlargement. In Perfect Photo Suite 7, these seven products work together seamlessly as integrated modules and also support your workflow however you work. Perfect Photo Suite is a perfect companion to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Apple, Aperture—or it can be used as a standalone application.

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BetterZip 2.3.1 Mac Os X
BetterZip 2.3.1 | Mac Os X | 7.3 MB

BetterZip lets you quickly inspect archives without first extracting their contents.

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Flint 1.2.2 Mac Os X
Flint 1.2.2 | Mac Os X | 5.4 MB

Flint is a brand new client for Campfire™. A beautiful and minimal app, designed to let you do what you need and get out of your way.

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Twitterrific 4.5 Mac Os X
Twitterrific 4.5 | Mac Os X | 4.6 MB

Twitterrific is a fun application that lets you read and publish posts or "tweets" to the Twitter community website. The application's user interface is clean, concise and designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac's desktop.

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Hammer 1.2.2 Mac Os X
Hammer 1.2.2 | Mac Os X | 8.3 MB

Hammer is a great way of building out HTML websites. With features including HTML includes, SASS and Coffeescript parsing and Clever Paths, Hammer is an indispensable tool!

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BBEdit 10.5.2 Mac Os X
BBEdit 10.5.2 | Mac Os X | 13 MB

BBEdit is the leading professional HTML and text editor for the Macintosh. Specifically crafted in response to the needs of Web authors and software developers, this award-winning product provides an abundance of high-performance features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text.

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Rubitrack 3.0.2 Mac Os X
Rubitrack 3.0.2 | Mac Os X | 7.3 MB

rubiTrack is an activity tracking and exercise journal for the Mac. Whether you are running, cycling, swimming, hiking, lifting weights or doing yoga, rubiTrack is there for you! rubiTrack reads tracks from GPS enabled fitness devices like the Garmin Forerunner and Edge, GPSs like f?nix or Colorado, Suunto Ambit and T6 and many many more. rubiTrack displays your activities on a map and in a chart. You can organize activities, compare them visually, analyze data like heart rate, speed, pace and more. rubiTrack tracks your training achievements and best marks over time. You can plan events, monitor your weight, fitness and health and manage your equipment.

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iGlasses 3.3.2 Mac Os X
iGlasses 3.3.2 | Mac Os X | 14.1 MB

iGlasses automatically enhances your image. You'll be amazed to see what the iGlasses "Enhanced" mode can do for your camera. A perfect touch of color correction, extra saturation and contrast will bring your video alive. If your room isn't well lit, find out what the iGlasses "Brighter" settings can do!

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iTeleport 6.1.0 Mac Os X
iTeleport 6.1.0 | Mac Os X | 9.2 MB

Teleport yourself to your computer from anywhere in the world. iTeleport gives you full control of your computer's mouse, touchpad and keyboard, and provides a rich visual display of your computer screens, without any screen resolution limit. All communication is encrypted when using iTeleport Connect on your remote computer.

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The Archive Browser 1.6.1 Mac Os X
The Archive Browser 1.6.1 | Mac Os X | 5 MB

The Archive Browser is a program that lets you browse the contents of archives, as well as extract them. It will let you open files from inside archives, and lets you preview them using Quick Look. It is based on The Unarchiver, which means it can handle a large number of different archive formats: It can handle common formats like Zip, RAR, 7-zip, Tar, Gzip and Bzip2, as well as older formats like StuffIt, DiskDoubler, LZH, ARJ and ARC. It can also handle other kinds of formats, like CD and DVD images such as ISO, BIN, MDF, NRG and CDI, many Windows self-extracting EXE files, and can even extract media from Flash SWF files. It will also handle different filename encodings gracefully.

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PDF Protector v1.1.0 Multilingual Mac OS X

PDF Protector v1.1.0 Multilingual Mac OS X | 6.4 MB

PDF Protector is an easy to use utility to encrypt or decrypt your PDF documents.

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Awaken v5.0.11 Multilingual Mac OS X

Awaken v5.0.11 Multilingual Mac OS X | 9.1 MB

Awaken turns your Mac into the ultimate alarm clock and sleep timer. You don't have to wake to an annoying buzzer anymore. Your Mac is filled with your music and Awaken would like you to wake to a playlist of your choice. Some of the features include Apple Remote support for snoozing and stopping alarms, full screen mode allows you to read your alarm from a distance, volume and brightness fading to ease you out of sleep. Use the sleep timer to fall asleep to your favorite music. Set the volume and brightness to slowly fade out over time as you fall asleep. Awaken can sleep your Mac as well to save power and wake it up at alarm time.

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Coollector Movie Database 3.24.1 Mac Os X
Coollector Movie Database 3.24.1 | Mac Os X | 81 MB

Coollector Movie Database is the only program to combine a personalized movie database with a video collection manager. The closest programs are just video collection managers.

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My Window v1.0 Mac OS X
My Window v1.0 Mac OS X | 793 MB

Actively display animated weather on top of your own images. Personalize your weather with My Window. Simply take a picture of what you see looking out of your window and the animation of the real weather will appear on top of your image. You will feel at ease seeing your weather in real time matching what you see looking out of your own window. If your weather is too ugly, simply choose a beach with palm trees to display snow and sleet contaminating the beach!

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Due 1.2.3 Mac Os X
Due 1.2.3 | Mac Os X | 12.2 MB

Type "Make dinner reservation at 9am tomorrow" and your reminder is set for 9 AM tomorrow. "Cancel subscription in 1 month" and you get a buzz a month later. Just tell Due in your own words what you'd like to do, and when you'd like to be reminded.* There are no awkward date pickers to fight with, nor rigid date and time format to follow. Your reminder is set as soon as you're done typing. Due makes sure things actually get done by keeping you on your toes, sending you periodic reminders until you actually mark the reminders complete.

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