Lights Out 3.1.3 MacOSX

Lights Out 3.1.3 MacOSX | 6.0 MB

Lights Out enables hot corners to put your Mac to sleep, or keep it awake. Lights Out can set sleep on or off for individual applications. Lights Out cures Energy Saver insomnia. Many software packages, scanners, and peripherals can interfere with your Mac's normal sleeping patterns. Lights Out offers a secondary idle timer to put your Mac to sleep even when Energy Saver fails to do so. Lights Out gives you easy control and status of sytem sleep right from its Dock icon. Simple to configure, and simple to use, Lights Out makes no harmful changes to your system. Launch it and quit it just like any normal app! Lights Out is Energy Saver's Little Helper!

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FileWard 1.1.11 MacOSX

FileWard 1.1.11 MacOSX | 7.6 MB

FileWard is a handy tool designed to bring high strength data encryption to Macintosh users. FileWard uses the cryptography libraries of OpenSSL to make six industrial strength encryption ciphers available in an easy to use drag and drop application. Simply drop a file or folder into FileWard to encrypt it, or double click to decrypt it. FileWard also brings convenient high strength encryption to the clipboard allowing you to encrypt any clipboard contents including text, pictures, spreadsheets, whatever! In short, if you can copy it to the clipboard, FileWard can encrypt it. FileWard even lets you encrypt binary files directly to the clipboard. With FileWard, state of the art encryption of files and data is finally made simple.

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Actionify 1.0.5 MacOSX Retail

Actionify 1.0.5 MacOSX Retail | 3.5 MB

Actionify is a clean, simple and efficient Task Manager, inspired by Getting Things Done™ (GTD). It has been designed to free your mind by organizing your Tasks for you.

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Analog 1.3 Multilingual MacOsX

Analog 1.3 Multilingual MacOsX | 28 MB

Analog makes it easy to improve your photos with a stunning selection of filters and borders. We built Analog to make it as fun and easy as possible to give your digital photos some soul. Drag in a photo, browse through filters and borders and start processing. There's 20 built-in filters, and over a dozen stylish borders to make your photos look amazing. Analog even makes sure that effects such as light-leaks have some natural variation - so no two photos look alike! When you're ready to share the finished image, Analog lets you send it to all your favourite services (Facebook, Tumblr, Picasa and Flickr, CloudApp) with just two-clicks.

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TotalFinder v1.4.18 Multilingual MacOSX

TotalFinder v1.4.18 Multilingual MacOSX | 6.8 MB

TotalFinder works like the original Finder but adds tabs, dual panel, folders on top and other useful features.

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FileChute 4.5.6 MacOSX

FileChute 4.5.6 MacOSX | 7.3 MB

How many times have you tried to email a large file only to have it bounced? There is an easier way to send large files and you have just found it. FileChute makes sending files easy. Just drag a file and drop it on FileChute. FileChute puts the file on your MobileMe account and generates a web link for retrieving the file all in one step. Next drag the generated link into your email and you're set to go. And since what you're sending is just a link, your recipients can retrieve the file from a Mac, a PC or any other platform.

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Tuba for YouTube 1.4 MacOSX Retail

Tuba for YouTube 1.4 MacOSX Retail | 3.7 MB

Tuba is a super fast and elegantly designed YouTube app for your beloved Mac

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NewsBar RSS reader 3.2.3 MacOSX

NewsBar RSS reader 3.2.3 MacOSX | 3.7 MB

Fast-updating Desktop RSS News Reader. NewsBar is built with a fresh concept: news feeds delivered with a smooth animation, right to your desktop. All of your RSS feeds continuously appear on the selected side of your display, or in a regular window. NewsBar is like having your own, personal news agency. You don't have to waste your time checking webpages - NewsBar will show you what's going on. No delays, no waiting: stories appear right on your display, just as they are published. You can easily Read, Follow, Mark, Filter, and Search news from your favorite feeds. Stories are read directly from RSS sources without delay, with the ability to check for new items as often as every minute.

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Screentaker 1.2.5 MacOSX

Screentaker 1.2.5 MacOSX | 6.5 MB

Screentaker is a small utility that makes creating nice screenshots for iOS apps easier by letting you apply effects to them. Simply drop the screenshot on Screentaker or even capture a screenshot from the iOS Simulator and choose the desired device, orientation and effect. The app is smart enough to detect the device and orientation automatically. You can also download and install effects other users have created or create your own effects.

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OnOne Perfect Photo Suite v7.5.1 Premium Edition MACOSX-XFORCE
OnOne Perfect Photo Suite v7.5.1 Premium Edition MACOSX-XFORCE | 894MB

Create extraordinary images in less time than ever before with Perfect Photo Suite 7. With seven powerful products, you'll have everything you'll need to solve the most common problems in digital photography, maximize your creativity and realize your photographic vision.

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ArcSoft PhotoStudio (Mac OS X)
ArcSoft PhotoStudio (Mac OS X) | 101.2 MB

ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac offers an array of advanced editing tools, provides more than 40 photo filters, 3 convenient ways for you to capture images on your computer screen etc., which meet all levels of users' needs.

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NoteAbilityPro 2.545
NoteAbilityPro 2.545 (Mac OS X) | 61.3 MB

NoteAbilityPro is a professional music notation package for the Macintosh OS X operating system. Developed by Dr. Keith Hamel at the University of British Columbia, it is easily the most sophisticated music notation software available on any platform. NoteAbility combines both musical intelligence and graphical flexibility in a direct and intuitive graphical user interface. Notate anything from simple melodies to complex avant garde orchestral music, play the score on your MIDI synthesizer or using Quicktime Musical Instruments and print a publishable copy of your score on any OS X compatible printer.

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Film Noir 1.1.1 MacOSX

Film Noir 1.1.1 MacOSX | 14 MB

When photography was first introduced, the photographers had to shoot black and white photos, simply because technology didn't allow them to do color photography yet. Then, as color photography was invented in the 30's, black and white photography became a form of art, with a large following. Film Noir photography is a style of photography with accents to the dark and dramatic early film style. The French word "Noir" means "Black" or "Dark".

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bonzai3d 3.1 MacOSX

bonzai3d 3.1 MacOSX | 356 MB

bonzai3d is an application with a fresh approach to 3D modeling aimed at delivering conceptual design and sketching ideas quickly while still making it possible to carry you to the next level of productivity. bonzai3d’s robust geometry creates models that can be used for construction drawings, photorealistic rendering, and fabrication.

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Convertr 1.0 MacOSX

Convertr 1.0 MacOSX | 8.8 MB

Convertr is your goto app for converting all types of movie files. It easily allows you to convert your favorite videos to the proper format for your favorite device.

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Path Finder 6.3 MacOSX

Path Finder 6.3 MacOSX | 26 MB

Path Finder offers the tools you need to access and manage your files quickly, accurately, and completely on OS X. A world-class operating system deserves a world-class file manager. Dive into a familiar interface packed with uncommonly powerful features and make your file system sing with Path Finder 6.

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Veescope Live 2.1.8 MacOSX

Veescope Live 2.1.8 MacOSX | 13 MB

Veescope Live is the ultimate live video production tool. It can turn any Intel MacIntosh into a real-time chroma keyer. It displays real-time video scopes (Waveform, Vectorscope, RGB Parade), audio meters, high and low video level Zebra patterns, and more. It even lets you record directly to your computer's hard drive. Veescope Live supports a wide range of video formats, such as HDV, DVCPro HD, and DV straight from your camera's firewire port. With the addition of a Quicktime compatible capture card, Veescope Live can wide range HD and SD video sources.

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Mac OS X Mavericks Server 10.9 DP3 (13S289i)
Mac OS X Mavericks Server 10.9 DP3 (13S289i) | Mac Os X | 210 MB

The new OS X Server brings even more power to your business, home office, or school. It’s remarkably easy to install, set up, and manage. And it’s as intuitive as everything else on your Mac. Powerful yet streamlined, OS X Server makes it easier than ever for the people in your organization to collaborate, communicate, and share information. And because it’s so simple to deploy and manage, OS X Server is perfect for overtaxed IT departments and people who never thought they could run a server.


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Apple MainStage 3.0.0 Mac Os X
Apple MainStage 3.0.0 Mac Os X | 504 MB

MainStage 3 lets you take your Mac to the stage with a full-screen interface optimized for live performance, flexible hardware control, and a massive collection of plug-ins and sounds that are fully compatible with Logic Pro X.

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HoudahGeo 3.5.1 MacOsX

HoudahGeo 3.5.1 MacOsX | 11 MB

HoudahGeo "pins" photos to locations where they were taken. Professional grade processing. Mac ease of use. Just like an expensive GPS camera, HoudahGeo can store latitude, longitude and altitude information right within the image file - invisibly with no loss of quality. HoudahGeo writes EXIF, XMP and IPTC tags. HoudahGeo projects may be published to EveryTrail or viewed and shared using Google Earth. Geotagged photos may be saved to Evernote or uploaded to Flickr or locr.

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Logic Pro X 10.0.0

Apple Logic Pro X 10.0.0  MacOsX | 628 MB
Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic ever. Sophisticated new tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that’s designed to get creative results quickly and also deliver more power whenever it’s needed. Logic Pro X includes a massive collection of instruments, effects, and loops, providing a complete toolkit to create amazing-sounding music.

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Synium CleanApp 4.0.4 MacOSX

Synium CleanApp 4.0.4 | MacOSX | 32.4 MB

Any app you run in OS X generates a large number of associated files in your system. Simply dragging an app to the trash will leave these files on your hard drive. CleanApp is your go-to application to remove apps and any associated files from your computer, keeping unused files from eating up memory space.

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AudioMulch 2.2.4 MacOSX

AudioMulch 2.2.4 | MacOSX | 24.9 MB

AudioMulch is an interactive musician’s environment for PC and Mac. It is used for live electronic music performance, composition and sound design. AudioMulch allows you to make music by patching together a range of sound producing and processing modules.

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ReadKit 2.2.0 (Mac OS X)

ReadKit 2.2.0 (Mac OS X) | 5MB

ReadKit is a full-featured read later and RSS client that supports services from Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Pinboard, Delicious, Feedly, Fever, NewsBlur, Feedbin and Feed Wrangler and has built-in RSS capabilities.

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Espresso 2.1 MacOSX

Espresso 2.1 MacOSX | 18MB

Espresso is not a bunch of apps forcibly smashed together. Instead, we looked at the needs of modern web developers and streamlined their workflow into one focused app. Extremely powerful editing and searching, sleek projects, live preview (we make CSSEdit!), real publishing and extensive synchronization tools.

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