Stock vector: Creative business cards 43
Stock vector: Creative business cards 43
3 EPS + AI | 28,9 mb

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Stock photo: Beer Isolated
Stock photo: Beer Isolated
5 JPG | max 6300x8900 | 56,2 mb

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Creative advertising Part 101 - Gfxtra
100 JPG | ~1200x1600 | 54.1 Mb

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Stock vector: Beautiful abstract backgrounds 05
Stock vector: Beautiful abstract backgrounds 05
4 EPS + AI | 14,2 mb

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RemoveIT PRO 4 SE 19.06.2012 + Portable

RemoveIT PRO 4 SE 19.06.2012 + Portable | 4.19/5.12 Mb

RemoveIT PRO removes many viruses that other popular antivirus software cannot discover. If you can't clean your computer from worms and viruses, adwares and spywares, then you should try with this software. RemoveIT PRO is an easy-to-use security software that allows you to protect your PC.

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Certificates and Design Elements, Shutterstock 24xEPS

Certificates and design elements vector

Vintage style, borders, calligraphy, lettering menu template diploma and certificate.
EPS | 24 files + JPG | 294.19 Mb

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SQL: Visual QuickStart Guide

SQL: Visual QuickStart Guide
English | ISBN: 0321553578 | edition 2008 | PDF | 496 pages | 3 mb

SQL is a standard interactive and programming language for querying and modifying data and managing databases. This task-based tutorial and reference guide takes the mystery out learning and applying SQL. After going over the relational database model and SQL syntax in the first few chapters, veteran author Chris Fehily immediately launches into the tasks that will get readers comfortable with SQL.
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Digital Signal Processing Using Matlab

Andre Quinquis "Digital Signal Processing Using Matlab"
ISBN: 1848210116 | 2008 | PDF | 384 pages | 5,5 MB

This book uses MATLAB as a computing tool to explore traditional DSP topics and solve problems. This greatly expands the range and complexity of problems that students can effectively study in signal processing courses. A large number of worked examples, computer simulations and applications are provided, along with theoretical aspects that are essential in order to gain a good understanding of the main topics. Practicing engineers may also find it useful as an introductory text on the subject.
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009: Professional Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009: Professional Reporting By Steven Renders
2011 | 352 Pages | ISBN: 1849682445 | PDF | 10 MB

This book doesn't assume any prior experience with Dynamics NAV reporting. It is designed as an easy to follow guide, where each chapter builds upon the previous one, but can also be read completely separately. Basically this book is for everyone who is using Microsoft Dynamics NAV or has an interest on the reporting capabilities of NAV 2009. The book does not have major prerequisites, although it is mainly focused on Dynamics NAV 2009, RDLC and Business Intelligence. Whether you are a Dynamics NAV consultant, developer, customer, project manager, or just interested in the reporting capabilities of Dynamics NAV, this book can provide you with information from a helicopter view down to the smallest details, tips and tricks, and workarounds. Empowered with the information in this book you should be able to master, analyse and deliver the most challenging reporting requirements in Dynamics NAV.
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Flash CS5.5: The Missing Manual

Flash CS5.5: The Missing Manual By Chris Grover
English | 2011 | 864 Pages | ISBN: 1449398251 | EPUB + PDF | 24 MB + 37 MB

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Dependency Injection in .NET

Dependency Injection in .NET By Mark Seemann
2011 | 584 Pages | ISBN: 1935182501 | PDF | 12 MB

Dependency Injection in .NET
presents core DI patterns in plain C# so you'll fully understand how DI works, covers integration with standard Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET MVC, and teaches you to use DI frameworks like Structure Map, Castle Windsor, and Unity.
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Computer-Mediated Communication: Issues and Approaches in Education

Sigrid Kelsey, Kirk St. Amant - Computer-Mediated Communication: Issues and Approaches in Education
Published: 2011-10-31 | ISBN: 1613500777 | PDF | 410 pages | 2.96 MB

While the majority of Internet users reside in industrialized nations, online access in the developing world has risen rapidly in recent years. As emerging technologies increasingly permit inexpensive and easy online access, the number of Internet users worldwide will only continue to expand.
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Malware Forensics Field Guide for Windows Systems: Digital Forensics Field Guides

Malware Forensics Field Guide for Windows Systems: Digital Forensics Field Guides By Cameron H. Malin, Eoghan Casey BS MA, James M. Aquilina
2012 | 560 Pages | ISBN: 1597494720 | EPUB + MOBI | 13 MB + 16 MB

Dissecting the dark side of the Internet with its infectious worms, botnets, rootkits, and Trojan horse programs (known as malware) is a treaterous condition for any forensic investigator or analyst. Written by information security experts with real-world investigative experience, Malware Forensics Field Guide for Windows Systems is a "tool" with checklists for specific tasks, case studies of difficult situations, and expert analyst tips.
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Excel 2010 Made Simple

Excel 2010 Made Simple By Abbott Katz
English | 2011 | 372 Pages | ISBN: 1430235454 | EPUB + PDF | 14 MB + 21 MB

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Sams Teach Yourself iPad 2 in 10 Minute

Sams Teach Yourself iPad 2 in 10 Minute By Bud E. Smith
English | 2 edition 2011 | 288 Pages | ISBN: 0672335727 | PDF | 8 MB

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Working with NHibernate 3.0

Working with NHibernate 3.0 By Benjamin Perkins
2011 | 230 Pages | ISBN: 1118112571 | PDF | 14 MB

The last chapter utilizes ASP.NET MVC 3 and jqGrid for the creation of an internet program for viewing the guitar inventory using NHibernate and the session per web request model.
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QuickBooks 2012: The Missing Manual

QuickBooks 2012: The Missing Manual By Bonnie Biafore
2011 | 760 Pages | ISBN: 1449398510 | EPUB + PDF | 14 MB + 28 MB

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CCNP Voice TVoice 642-427 Quick Reference

CCNP Voice TVoice 642-427 Quick Reference By Brion Washington
2011 | 99 Pages | ISBN: 0132498162 | PDF | 8 MB

As a final exam preparation tool, the CCNP Voice TVoice 642-427 Quick Reference provides a concise review of all objectives on the new CCNP Voice Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications exam (642-427). This eBook provides you with detailed, graphical-based information, highlighting only the key topics in cram-style format.
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Mastering Celtx

Mastering Celtx By Terry Borst
English | 2011 | 336 Pages | ISBN: 1435459016 | PDF | 9 MB

Until recently, available screenwriting tools--built around traditional discrete roles and tethered to paper output--have struggled to keep up with the rapid changes in industry practices and needs. However, a new tool called Celtx (pronounced kel-tx) has embraced the industry's evolution and created a preproduction workspace that erases the boundaries between different conceptualizing and narrative-building tasks, such as storyboarding, outlining, media asset management, and scriptwriting.
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Mac OS X Lion: The Missing Manual

Mac OS X Lion: The Missing Manual By David Pogue
2011 | 928 Pages | ISBN: 1449397492 | EPUB | 19 MB

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D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself

D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself By Ellen Lupton
2006 | 176 Pages | ISBN: 1568985525 | PDF | 15 MB

Not satisfied with the new T-shirts on sale at the local mall? Maybe you'd like a wedding invitation that expresses your own vision, not your party planner's? How about some personalized stationery? An upgrade to your website? A business card? A poster for your political campaign? A CD package for your band? Sound good? Then get up off your couch and Design It Yourself! Avoid graphic identity theft: build your own. Ellen Lupton, bestselling author of Thinking with Type, will show you how.
DIY: Design It Yourself, provides you with all the tools you'll need to create your own projects, from conception through production.
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Applied Speech and Audio Processing: With Matlab Examples

Ian McLoughlin, "Applied Speech and Audio Processing: With Matlab Examples"
2009 | ISBN-10: 0521519543 | PDF | 216 pages | 2,7 MB

Applied Speech and Audio Processing is a MATLAB-based, one-stop resource that blends speech and hearing research in describing the key techniques of speech and audio processing. This practically oriented text provides MATLAB examples throughout to illustrate the concepts discussed and to give the reader hands-on experience with important techniques. Chapters on basic audio processing and the characteristics of speech and hearing lay the foundations of speech signal processing, which are built upon in subsequent sections explaining audio handling, coding, compression, and analysis techniques. The final chapter explores a number of advanced topics that use these techniques, including psychoacoustic modelling, a subject which underpins MP3 and related audio formats. With its hands-on nature and numerous MATLAB examples, this book is ideal for graduate students and practitioners working with speech or audio systems.
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Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design

Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design By Michael Bierut
2007 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 1568986998 | PDF | 2 MB

Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design brings together the best of designer Michael Bierut's critical writingserious or humorous, flattering or biting, but always on the mark. Bierut is widely considered the finest observer on design writing today. Covering topics as diverse as Twyla Tharp and ITC Garamond, Bierut's intelligent and accessible texts pull design culture into crisp focus. He touches on classics, like Massimo Vignelli and the cover of The Catcher in the Rye, as well as newcomers, like McSweeney's Quarterly Concern and color-coded terrorism alert levels. Along the way Nabakov's Pale Fire; Eero Saarinen; the paper clip; Celebration, Florida; the planet Saturn; the ClearRx pill bottle; and paper architecture all fall under his pen. His experience as a design practitioner informs his writing and gives it truth. In Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design, designers and nondesigners alike can share and revel in his insights.
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Stock Photo: Gold Bars


Stock Photo: Gold bars

5 jpg  l  ~7000x5000  l  68,56 mb

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Stock Photo: Flowers and garden tools on sky background

Stock Photo: Flowers and garden tools on sky background

5 jpg  l  ~7500x5000  l  63,12 mb

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