Thinking in LINQ: Harnessing the power of functional programing in .NET applications (EPUB, MOBI)

Thinking in LINQ: Harnessing the power of functional programing in .NET applications By Sudipta Mukherjee
2014 | 272 Pages | ISBN: 143026845X | EPUB, MOBI | 9 MB
LINQ represents a paradigm shift for developers used to an imperative/object oriented programming style, because LINQ draws on functional programming principles. Thinking in LINQ addresses the differences between these two by providing a set of succinct recipes arranged in several groups, including:
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SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns, 2nd edition

SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns, 2nd edition By Tim Mitchell, Matt Masson, Andy Leonard
2014 | 464 Pages | ISBN: 1484200837 | EPUB, MOBI, PDF | 40 MB
SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns is newly-revised for SQL Server 2014, and is a book of recipes for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Design patterns in the book help to solve common problems encountered when developing data integration solutions. The patterns and solution examples in the book increase your efficiency as an SSIS developer, because you do not have to design and code from scratch with each new problem you face. The book's team of expert authors take you through numerous design patterns that you'll soon be using every day, providing the thought process and technical details needed to support their solutions.

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Scripting in Java: Integrating with Groovy and JavaScript (EPUB, MOBI)

Scripting in Java: Integrating with Groovy and javascript By Kishori Sharan
2014 | 388 Pages | ISBN: 1484207149 | EPUB, MOBI | 5 MB
Scripting in Java teaches you how to use the Java Scripting API and javascript to execute scripts and take advantage of the features of a scripting language while developing Java applications. The book also covers topics that enable scripting languages to take advantage of Java features and the Java class library, including the new Java Collections and JavaFX 8 APIs. Most of the examples in this book use javascript on the Nashorn engine.
Author Kishori Sharan will show you scripts in javascript to demonstrate its power and use in your Java applications. Some of the examples use the jrunscript and jjs command-line tools. Furthermore, debugging is discussed to equip you for situations when or if you encounter any issues with this kind of Java scripting. After reading and using this book, you will have most of what you need to do scripting in Java.
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Pro Exchange 2013 SP1 PowerShell Administration: For Exchange On-Premises and Office 365

Pro Exchange 2013 SP1 PowerShell Administration: For Exchange On-Premises and Office 365 By Michel de Rooij
2014 | 640 Pages | ISBN: 1430268484 | EPUB + MOBI | 36 MB
Pro Exchange 2013 SP1 PowerShell Administration is your one-stop resource for both basic and advanced administration of Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 and Exchange Online, Microsoft's best-selling hosted Exchange service.

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Pro Office for iPad: How to Be Productive with Office for iPad

Pro Office for iPad: How to Be Productive with Office for iPad By Guy Hart-Davis
English | 2014 | 332 Pages | ISBN: 1430245875 | PDF | 12 MB
Microsoft Office for iPad is here! So learn the tips, tricks, and get around the gotchas in Microsoft Office for iPad with Pro Office for iPad. This book shows you how you can become productive quickly by avoiding those annoyances and confusions and slow-me-downs that can happen when you start using Office with your fingers!

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The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products that Win (2nd Edition)

The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products that Win (2nd Edition) by Steve Blank
English | 2013 | ISBN: 0989200507 | 370 pages | PDF | 5 MB
The bestselling classic that launched 10,000 startups and new corporate ventures - The Four Steps to the Epiphany is one of the most influential and practical business books of all time.
The Four Steps to the Epiphany launched the Lean Startup approach to new ventures. It was the first book to offer that startups are not smaller versions of large companies and that new ventures are different than existing ones. Startups search for business models while existing companies execute them.
The book offers the practical and proven four-step Customer Development process for search and offers insight into what makes some startups successful and leaves others selling off their furniture. Rather than blindly execute a plan, The Four Steps helps uncover flaws in product and business plans and correct them before they become costly. Rapid iteration, customer feedback, testing your assumptions are all explained in this book.

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Protecting Oracle Database 12c (EPUB, MOBI)

Protecting Oracle Database 12c By Paul Wright
English | 2014 | 332 Pages | ISBN: 1430262117 | EPUB, MOBI | 30 MB
Protecting Oracle Database 12c helps you solve the problem of maximizing the safety, resilience, and security of an Oracle database whilst preserving performance, availability, and integration despite ongoing and new security issues in the software. The book demonstrates, through coded examples, how you can enable the consolidation features of Oracle Database 12c without increasing risk of either internal corruption or external vulnerability. In addition, new protections not publicly available are included, so that you can see how demonstrable risk improvements can be achieved, measured, and reported through Enterprise Manager 12c. Most importantly, the challenge of privileged access control within a consolidation environment will be addressed, thus enabling a safe move to greater efficiency. 

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Python Algorithms: Mastering Basic Algorithms in the Python Language, 2nd edition

Python Algorithms: Mastering Basic Algorithms in the Python Language, 2nd edition By Magnus Lie Hetland
English | 2014 | 320 Pages | ISBN: 148420056X | EPUB, MOBI |7 MB
Python Algorithms, Second Edition explains the Python approach to algorithm analysis and design. Written by Magnus Lie Hetland, author of Beginning Python, this book is sharply focused on classical algorithms, but it also gives a solid understanding of fundamental algorithmic problem-solving techniques.
The book deals with some of the most important and challenging areas of programming and computer science in a highly readable manner. It covers both algorithmic theory and programming practice, demonstrating how theory is reflected in real Python programs. Well-known algorithms and data structures that are built into the Python language are explained, and the user is shown how to implement and evaluate others.
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Heraldry: A Pictorial Archive for Artists and Designers
Heraldry: A Pictorial Archive for Artists and Designers (Dover Pictorial Archive) by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies
English | ISBN: 048626906X | 160 pages | PDF | 13 MB
Heraldry had its origin in the decorative shields used in Western Europe in the twelfth century. Today the varied and colorful designs that have developed over the centuries carry a rich aura of medieval romance that can enhance any number of artistic and design projects.
For this volume, Carol Belanger Grafton has selected 1,047 authentic heraldic designs and motifs from The Art of Heraldry, a classic study by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies (1871–1928), an English barrister and foremost authority on the subject. Dating from the fourteenth to the twentieth centuries, the illustrations include 393 full-color and 654 black-and-white designs: arms of individuals, among them such notables as Edward the Black Prince, John Milton, and Maximilian I; arms of institutions, corporations, guilds, towns, and cities; heraldic windows; examples of heraldic lions, eagles, and dragons; banners and crests; and more.
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Beginning Java 8 Games Development

Beginning Java 8 Games Development By Wallace Jackson
English | 2014 | 492 Pages | ISBN: 1484204166 | EPUB, MOBI, PDF | 100 MB
Beginning Java 8 Games Development, written by Java expert and author Wallace Jackson, teaches you the fundamentals of building a highly illustrative game using the Java 8 programming language. In this book, you'll employ open source software as tools to help you quickly and efficiently build your Java game applications. You'll learn how to utilize vector and bit-wise graphics; create sprites and sprite animations; handle events; process inputs; create and insert multimedia and audio files; and more.
Furthermore, you'll learn about JavaFX 8, now integrated into Java 8 and which gives you additional APIs that will make your game application more fun and dynamic as well as give it a smaller foot-print; so, your game application can run on your PC, mobile and embedded devices.
After reading and using this tutorial, you'll come away with a cool Java-based 2D game application template that you can re-use and apply to your own game making ambitions or for fun. 
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Beginning Java 8 APIs, Extensions and Libraries: Swing, Javafx, JavaScript, JDBC and Network Programming APIs (EPUB, MOBI)

Beginning Java 8 APIs, Extensions and Libraries: Swing, Javafx, javascript, JDBC and Network Programming APIs By Kishori Sharan
English | 2014 | 808 Pages | ISBN: 1430266619 | EPUB, MOBI | 11 MB
Beginning Java 8 APIs, Extensions and Libraries completes the Apress Java learning journey and is a comprehensive approach to learning the Java Swing, JavaFX, Java Scripting, JDBC and network programming APIs.
This book covers the key extesnsions of the Java programming language such as Swing, JavaFX, network programming, and JDBC. Each topic starts with a discussion of the topic's background. A step-by-step process, with small snippets of Java code, provides easy-to-follow instructions. At the end of a topic, a complete and ready-to-run Java program is provided. This book contains over 130 images and diagrams to help you visualize and better understand the topics. More than 130 complete programs allow you to practice and quickly learn the topics.
The Swing chapters discuss various aspects of working with a GUI, from the very basic concepts of developing a Swing application, to the most advanced topics, such as decorating a Swing component with a JLayer, drag-and-drop features, Synth Skinnable L&F, etc.
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Advanced Excel Essentials (EPUB, MOBI)

Advanced Excel Essentials By Jordan Goldmeier
English | 2014 | 216 Pages | ISBN: 1484207351 | EPUB, MOBI | 16 MB
Advanced Excel Essentials is the only book for experienced Excel developers who want to channel their skills into building spreadsheet applications and dashboards. This book starts from the assumption that you are well-versed in Excel and builds on your skills to take them to an advanced level. It provides the building blocks of advanced development and then takes you through the development of your own advanced spreadsheet application. For the seasoned analyst, accountant, financial professional, management consultant, or engineer—this is the book you’ve been waiting for!
Author Jordan Goldmeier builds on a foundation of industry best practices, bringing his own forward-thinking approach to Excel and rich real-world experience, to distill a unique blend of advanced essentials. Among other topics, he covers advanced formula concepts like array formulas and Boolean logic and provides insight into better code and formulas development. He supports that insight by showing you how to build correctly with hands-on examples.
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4G: Deployment Strategies and Operational Implications (EPUB, MOBI)

4G: Deployment Strategies and Operational Implications: Managing Critical Decisions in Deployment of 4G/LTE Networks and their Effects on Network Operations and Business By Trichy Venkataraman Krishnamurthy, Rajaneesh Shetty
English | 2014 | 188 Pages | ISBN: 1430263253 | EPUB, MOBI | 7 MB
As telecommunications operators and network engineers understand, specific operational requirements drive early network architectural and design decisions for 4G networks. But they also know that because technology, standards, usage practices, and regulatory regimes change on a continuous basis, so do best practices. 4G: Deployment Strategies and Operational Implications helps you stay up to date by providing the latest innovative and strategic thinking on 4G and LTE deployments. It evaluates specific design and deployment options in depth and offers roadmap evolution strategies for LTE network business development.
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Advanced ActionScript 3: Design Patterns, 2nd edition

Advanced ActionScript 3: Design Patterns, 2nd edition By Ben Smith
English | 2015 | 408 Pages | ISBN: 148420672X | EPUB, MOBI, PDF | 13 MB
Advanced ActionScript 3 is a fresh look and new approach to utilizing valuable, structural techniques and methods that are commonly used in the field of rich interactive application development. With each method broken down into different strategized explanations, you'll find the approach most suitable for you. Whether it is an example you can utilize as-is, or one you can start with and develop further, you will have a glossary of definitions and organizational concepts at your fingertips.
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Foundations of Python Network Programming, 3rd edition (EPUB, MOBI)

Foundations of Python Network Programming, 3rd edition By Brandon Rhodes
English | 2014 | 388 Pages | ISBN: 1430258543 | EPUB, MOBI | 4 MB
Foundations of Python Network Programming, Third Edition, covers all of the classic topics found in the second edition of this book, including network protocols, network data and errors, email, server architecture, and HTTP and web applications, plus updates for Python 3.
Some of the new topics in this edition include:
• Extensive coverage of the updated SSL support in Python 3
• How to write your own asynchronous I/O loop.
• An overview of the "asyncio" framework that comes with Python 3.4.
• How the Flask web framework connects URLs to your Python code.
• How cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery can be used to attack your web site, and how to protect against them.
• How a full-stack web framework like Django can automate the round trip from your database to the screen and back.
If you're a Python programmer who needs a deep understanding of how to use Python for network-related tasks and applications, this is the book for you. From web application developers, to systems integrators, to system administrators—this book has everything that you need to know. 
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Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iOS SDK, 2nd edition

Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iOS SDK, 2nd edition By Jack Nutting
2014 | 808 Pages | ISBN: 1484202007 | EPUB, MOBI | 23 MB
The team that brought you the bestselling Beginning iPhone Development, the book that taught the world to program on the iPhone, is back again, bringing this definitive guide up-to-date with Apple's latest and greatest new iOS 8 and its SDK, as well as with the latest version of Xcode (6.1).
You'll have everything you need to create your very own apps for the latest iOS devices. Every single sample app in the book has been rebuilt from scratch using Xcode 6.1 and the latest 64-bit iOS 8-specific project templates, and designed to take advantage of the latest Xcode features.
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Oracle RMAN for Absolute Beginners

Darl Kuhn, "Oracle RMAN for Absolute Beginners"
English | 2014 | ISBN-10: 1484207645 | 280 pages | EPUB, MOBI | 2 MB
Oracle RMAN for Absolute Beginners is a gentle introduction to the use of Oracle's Recovery Manager software to make backups of an Oracle database, and to restore all or part of a database in the event that data loss occurs. It is often said that a database administrator's #1 job responsibility is to be able to recover from data loss. If you're new to the Oracle platform, or you're new to database administration in general, you can hardly go wrong by making it your first priority to learn to backup and recover the database that has been entrusted into your hands.
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Pro Vim (EPUB, MOBI)

Pro Vim By Mark McDonnell
2014 | 424 Pages | ISBN: 1484202511 | EPUB, MOBI | 9 MB
Pro Vim teaches you the real-world workflows, tips, and tricks of this powerful, terminal-based text editor. This book covers all the essentials, as well as lesser-known but equally powerful features that will ensure you become a top-level performant and professional user, able to jump between multiple sessions while manipulating and controlling with ease many different documents and programming files. With easy-to-digest chapters on all the areas you need to learn, this book is a key addition to your library that will enable you to become a fast, efficient user of Vim.
Using this book, you will learn how to properly configure your terminal environment and work without even touching the mouse. You will become an expert in how Vim actually works: how buffers and sessions work, automation through Macros and shell scripting, real-world workflows, and how to work efficiently and fast with plugins and different themes. You will also learn practical, real-world tips on how to best utilize Vim alongside the terminal multiplexer tmux; helping you to manage files across multiple servers and terminal sessions. Avoid common pitfalls and work with best practice ways to efficiently edit and control your files and sessions from the terminal interface.
Vim is an advanced power tool that is commonly recognized as being difficult to learn, even for experienced developers. This book shows you how to become an expert by focusing on not only the fundamentals of how Vim works, but also by distilling the author's own experiences learning Vim into an easy-to-understand and follow guide. It's time to bring your programming, editing, and workflow skills up to the professional level - use Pro Vim today.
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Foundation ActionScript 3, 2nd edition (EPUB, MOBI)

Foundation ActionScript 3, 2nd edition By Paul Milbourne, Darren Richardson
English | 2014 | 556 Pages | ISBN: 1484205855 | EPUB, MOBI | 12 MB
ActionScript 3 is a full-fledged programming language, with complete object-oriented capabilities, event handling, sound and video support, drawing capabilities, support for regular expressions, and much more.
Whether you are just starting out on the road to computer programming and animation or an experienced developer who wants to learn a new language, you’ll find all you need to know in Foundation ActionScript 3.
Starting with the fundamentals, you’ll learn how to add interactivity to your Flash movies by using ActionScript objects, manipulating sound and video, and harnessing the power of regular expressions and XML. The book concludes with two case studies to consolidate what you’ve learned and introduce some additional advanced techniques. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the exciting world of ActionScript 3 and see how everything fits together, so you’ll be able to build your own professional applications.
The sensible layout of the book makes it easy to find information about specific techniques. It focuses on the essential skills that will enable you to get up and running quickly. With this book as your guide, you’ll be creating killer Flash applications before you know it.

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Express.js Deep API Reference

Express.js Deep API Reference By Azat Mardan
2014 | 160 Pages | ISBN: 1484207823 | EPUB, MOBI | 4 MB
Express.js Deep API Reference is your short, concise guide to Express.js APIs. This flexible Node.js web application framework provides a robust set of features for building single, multi-page, and hybrid web applications.
Through six to-the-point chapters, you will find references for configurations, settings, environments, middleware, templating engines (including Consolidate.js), extract parameters, routing, request handlers, response, and streams.
Written by Azat Mardan, the author of Pro Express.js and Practical Node.js, you will find this short, concise guide indispensable for your Express.js work. 
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Android Fragments (EPUB+MOBI)

Android Fragments By Dave MacLean

2014 | 140 Pages | ISBN: 1484208544 | EPUB, MOBI | 2 MB



Android Fragments is a 100-page quick start accelerated guide to learning and quickly using Android fragments. You'll learn how to code for fragments; deal with config changes; code for regular vs. fragmented dialogs; work with preferences and saving state; work with the compatibility library; and handle advanced async tasks and progress dialogs.

After reading and using this book, which is based on material from the best-selling Pro Android, you'll be an Android UI savant. At the very least, your apps' user interfaces and event handling will be more competitive and better performing, especially for tablet-optimized UIs and events. 

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Kanban in Action

Kanban in Action By Marcus Hammarberg
2014 | 360 Pages | ISBN: 1617291056 | PDF | 35 MB
Kanban in Action is a down-to-earth, no-frills, get-to-know-the-ropes introduction to kanban. It's based on the real-world experience and observations from two kanban coaches who have introduced this process to dozens of teams. You'll learn the principles of why kanban works, as well as nitty-gritty details like how to use different color stickies on a kanban board to help you organize and track your work items.
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Tagine: Spicy Stews from Morocco

Ghillie Basan, "Tagine: Spicy Stews from Morocco"
English | ISBN: 1845974794, 1845974786 | 64 pages | epub/mobi/pdf | 9,5 MB
Few meals are more satisfying than a hearty tagine--the rich, fragrant Moroccan stew that is served from its own elegant cooking vessel, also called a tagine. Meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables are simmered gently in the steam of the pot's conical lid, and the food, deliciously flavored with spices and fruit, remains tender and moist. In Ghillie Basan's collection of aromatic tagines you will find some of the best-loved classics of the Moroccan kitchen, such as Lamb Tagine with Prunes, Apricots, and Almonds, and the tangy Chicken Tagine with Green Olives and Lemon. Also included are less traditional but equally delectable recipes for beef and meatball tagines. If you enjoy a succulent fish dish, you can try Monkfish Tagine with Potatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, and Olives, or Red Mullet with Lemon and Mint. For vegetarians there is a varied choice, from a sweet, syrupy tagine of Yams, Carrots, and Prunes to a summery dish of Artichoke Hearts with Peas and Saffron. *Every recipe includes suggestions for accompaniments and side dishes. *The perfect introduction to the distinctive tastes of Morocco.
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Green Is Good: Save Money, Make Money, And Help Your Community Profit From Clean Energy

Brian Keane, "Green Is Good: Save Money, Make Money, And Help Your Community Profit From Clean Energy"
English | ISBN: 0762780681 | PDF | 256 pages | 5 MB
Here is a no-nonsense guide to how you, the average American, can easily make clean energy and energy efficiency part of your daily life, saving money, making money, and weaning your community off fossil fuels in the process. Energy guru Brian F. Keane walks you through the cost-benefit trade-offs of the exciting new technologies and introduces you to revolutionary clean-energy products on the horizon, making the ins and outs of renewable energy easily accessible. Featuring compelling, real-life stories that bring clean-energy problems and solutions from 30,000 feet to street level, Green Is Good walks you that last mile from awareness to adoption. It demonstrates how all of us can seize the opportunity and profit from it. Keane also discusses the challenges that clean energy faces, laying out time-tested strategies to overcome them. A renewable energy future isn't just good for the environment; it's good for the economy, and Green Is Good will show you how—before it's too late.

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How to Start a Home-based Computer Repair Business

Ryan Arter, "How to Start a Home-based Computer Repair Business (Home-Based Business Series)"
English | ISBN: 0762786582 | PDF | 192 pages | 10 MB
Business News Daily sees a new segment emerging in this field. The new trend is tablet repair. They rank this in their top home-based ideas for 2012. Also worth noting is that “Computer Maintenance” topped their list of new home-based jobs on the rise and this covers anti-virus software installation and desktop cleanups. A very large segment of business that will be covered in this book on how to start a home-based computer repair business and will also include cell phones which will give the book a larger appeal and set it apart from its competition.
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