Dramatic Color in the Landscape: Painting Land and Light in Oil and Pastel
Brian Keeler, "Dramatic Color in the Landscape: Painting Land and Light in Oil and Pastel"
English | ISBN: 144032932X | 2014 | EPUB | 128 pages | 16,3 MB

Fill your paintings with spring light, winter scenes, autumn ambiance, summer sunsets, and more!

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How to Draw Awesome Figures
Neil Fontaine, "How to Draw Awesome Figures"
English | ISBN: 1507593813 | 2014 | EPUB | 105 pages | 3,6 MB

If you want to draw awesome figures for comics, concept art, video games, fine art, etc, then this is a must have book to add to your collection. Unlike a lot of how to draw books, this book teaches you the how and why so that you fully understand what you are drawing.

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How to draw cartoon characters with colored pencils: in realistic style
Jasmina Susak, "How to draw cartoon characters with colored pencils: in realistic style"
English | ISBN: 150761151X | 2015 | EPUB, MOBI | 40 pages | 3,2 MB

Simple explanation, tricks and tips about drawing with colored pencils.

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Painting Nature in Watercolor with Cathy Johnson
Cathy Johnson, "Painting Nature in Watercolor with Cathy Johnson: 37 Step-by-Step Demonstrations Using Watercolor Pencil and Paint"
English | ISBN: 1440328838 | 2014 | EPUB | 224 pages | 16 MB

Breathe fresh air into your watercolors! Capture the wonders of nature!

From crashing waves to sculptured deserts, from grand sunsets to humble wildflowers, from backyard discoveries to exotic getaways, the natural world offers inspiration enough for a lifetime! In this book, one of today's premier nature artists shows you how to make the most of it. Within an inviting, sketchbook-style format, you'll learn how to capture nature's treasures using watercolor pencils and paint.

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Fun Face Painting Ideas for Kids: 40 Step-by-Step Demos
Brian Wolfe, Nick Wolfe, "Fun Face Painting Ideas for Kids: 40 Step-by-Step Demos"
English | ISBN: 1440327068 | 2013 | EPUB | 128 pages | 21 MB

Design a silly face...or a scary one, or a fairy one, or anything else you can dream up!

The world-renowned authors of Extreme Face Painting are taking it back to the basics, with some innovative twists. All ages and all skill levels will learn the secrets to creating awesome face art with easy-to-find materials, friendly instruction for beginners, and fresh inspiration for more seasoned face painters.

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How to be an Illustrator (2nd Edition) By Darrel Rees
English | Laurence King in 2014 | ASIN: B00N4EVIYQ | 168 pages | PDF/EPUB | 8.50/7.83 MB


This book offers practical help and guidance to aspiring illustrators. All areas of the job are covered – creating a portfolio; approaching potential clients; preparing for meetings and negotiating contracts; setting up a studio; maintaining a flow of work and managing one’s time and cash. Self-promotion, creating websites, self-publishing and the pros and cons of agents are all explored.
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The Design Collective: An Approach to Practice
The Design Collective: An Approach to Practice by Harriet Edquist
2012 | ISBN: 1443840270 | English | 285 pages | PDF | 6 MB

The rise of social networking and open-source technology, the return of community-focussed activities (eg. gardens, knitting groups, food cooperatives) and creative collectives across the fields of design and the visual arts have reawakened the discourse around human capital, flat structures and collectives as a means for 'making' the things of everyday life. As the essays presented in this collection illustrate, there is an emerging field of discourse about the potential of the collective as an organising and generative community structure that links creativity, social change and politics. Furthermore it is clear that in this developing context there are a number of issues central to design practice, such as authorship, agency and aesthetics that are in the process of re-evaluation and critique. Bringing together views of practitioners, historians and theorists this volume examines the etymology, boundaries and practices that the idea of the collective affords. It is broadly organised into sections on architecture, digital technologies and counter-cultural practices and includes historical and contemporary accounts of design collectives from a range of disciplinary viewpoints.

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Designing Modern America: Broadway to Main Street
Designing Modern America: Broadway to Main Street By Christopher Innes
2005 | 230 Pages | ISBN: 0300108044 | EPUB + MOBI | 14 MB + 14 MB

From the 1920s through the 1950s, two individuals, Joseph Urban and Norman Bel Geddes, did more, by far, to create the image of "America" and make it synonymous with modernity than any of their contemporaries. Urban and Bel Geddes were leading Broadway stage designers and directors who turned their prodigious talents to other projects, becoming mavericks first in industrial design and then in commercial design, fashion, architecture, and more. The two men gave shape to the most quintessential symbols of the modern American lifestyle, including movies, cars, department stores, and nightclubs, along with private homes, kitchens, stoves, fridges, magazines, and numerous household furnishings. Illustrated with more than 130 photographs of their influential designs, this book tells the engrossing story of Urban and Bel Geddes. Christopher Innes shows how these two men with a background in theater lent dramatic flair to everything they designed and how this theatricality gave the distinctive modernity they created such wide appeal. If the American lifestyle has been much imitated across the globe over the past fifty years, says Innes, it is due in large measure to the designs of Urban and Bel Geddes. Together they were responsible for creating what has been called the "Golden Age" of American culture.

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Sign Painters
Sign Painters by Faythe Levine, Sam Macon
2012 | ISBN: 1616890835 | English | 184 pages | PDF | 72 MB

There was a time-as recently as the 1980s-when storefronts, murals, banners, barn signs, billboards, and even street signs were all hand-lettered with brush and paint. But, like many skilled trades, the sign industry has been overrun by the techno-fueled promise of quicker and cheaper. The resulting proliferation of computer-designed, die-cut vinyl lettering and inkjet printers has ushered a creeping sameness into our visual landscape. Fortunately, there is a growing trend to seek out traditional sign painters and a renaissance in the trade. In 2010 filmmakers Faythe Levine, coauthor of Handmade Nation, and Sam Macon began documenting these dedicated practitioners, their time-honored methods, and their appreciation for quality and craftsmanship. Sign Painters, the first anecdotal history of the craft, features stories and photographs of more than two dozen sign painters working in cities throughout the United States.

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The Adobe Photoshop CC Book for Digital Photographers (2014 release)
The Adobe Photoshop CC Book for Digital Photographers (2014 release) (Voices That Matter) by Scott Kelby
English | November 23, 2014 | ISBN: 0133900851 | 408 pages | EPUB/MOBI/AZW3 | 22/61/60 MB

Scott Kelby, Editor and Publisher of Photoshop User magazine–and the best-selling photography book author in the world today–once again takes this book to a whole new level as he uncovers more of the latest, most important, and most useful Adobe Photoshop techniques for digital photographers.

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Design Star: Lessons from the New York School of Flower Design
Design Star: Lessons from the New York School of Flower Design by Michael Gaffney
English | January 1, 2014 | ISBN: 0989925803 | 228 pages | EPUB/MOBI/AZW3 | 13/14/14 MB

In the current economy, prospective brides, party givers, and commercial businesspeople are looking for ways to create their own sophisticated floral arrangements rather than hire expensive third parties. Featuring a well-known designer's foolproof methods, this lush guidebook brings readers into the world of the professional with secrets, tips, and formulas for great design, including step-by-step instructions on everything from Classic English design to Exotic Tropical design. With more than 400 color photos detailing dozens of start-to-finish arrangements, the book provides a beautiful display of finished projects for readers to replicate. It also guides them through the basics of opening a flower shop or becoming a professional flower designer.

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Digital Lighting and Rendering (3rd Edition) (Voices That Matter)
Digital Lighting and Rendering (3rd Edition) (Voices That Matter) by Jeremy Birn
English | November 21, 2013 | ISBN: 0321928989 | 464 pages | PDF | 27,2 MB

Learn the fine art and craft of digital lighting and rendering from an experienced pro whose lighting work you’ve seen in blockbuster films such as Monsters University, Toy Story 3, Up, WALL-E, Ratatouille, and The Incredibles. Jeremy Birn draws on his wealth of industry and teaching experience to provide a thoroughly updated edition of what has become the standard guide to digital lighting and rendering. Using beautiful, full-color examples; a friendly, clear teaching style; and a slew of case studies and tutorials, Jeremy demonstrates how to create strategic lighting for just about any project using any 3D application. By explaining not just how to use various lighting techniques but why, this guide provides the grounding graphics pros need to master Hollywood lighting techniques.

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Photoshop 7 Down and Dirty Tricks
Photoshop 7 Down and Dirty Tricks by Scott Kelby
English | May 3, 2002 | ISBN: 0735712379 | 304 pages | PDF | 62 MB

Updated for the latest version of Photoshop, Photoshop 7 Down & Dirty Tricks is packed cover to cover with step-by-step tutorials on the coolest Photoshop 7 effects. The book is not another rehash of masking, pixels, and file formats or resolution--it's nothing but the cool stuff that will make your client's (or boss's) jaw drop.

Scott Kelby is both funny and generous. His wry sense of humor doesn't get in the way of the hundreds of nifty techniques in this new collection of Down & Dirty Tricks. In fact, when you first flip quickly through the book, gobbling up all the creative ideas and timesaving tips, his sly jokes only add to the I've-just-hit-the-lottery feeling.

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Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Classroom in a Book
Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Classroom in a Book by Sandee Adobe Creative Team
English | January 7, 2001 | ISBN: 0201710161 | 500 pages | PDF | 36 MB

Adobe Photoshop is like having a darkroom right inside your computer. And now, with Photoshop Classroom in a Book, created by Adobe's own training experts, it's like having an expert tutor in your own book. Photoshop Classroom in a Book gives you a comprehensive set of Photoshop lessons to teach you everything you need to know to use this powerful image-editing software. And best of all, you can learn at your own pace.

Start with the basics of Photoshop, from navigating the interface to creating layers and selections to working with Photoshop tools, then move on to more complex Photoshop features, like masks, channels, retouching techniques, and special effects. In no time flat, you'll master these skills like a grade-A student, and you don't even have to bring an apple for the teacher.

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Fabric Surface Design (EPUB)
Cheryl Rezendes, "Fabric Surface Design"
English | ISBN: 1603428119 | 2013 | EPUB | 320 pages | 33,1 MB

Sensational sewing projects demand fabulous fabrics! Fiber artist Cheryl Rezendes shows you how to create an astonishing array of surface designs, simply and safely, using textile paints and printing ink. She covers a wide variety of techniques: stamping, ancient Japanese Shibori, silkscreen, soy wax and flour resist, image transfer, marbling, nature printing, foils and metal leaf, and more. Step-by-step photos illustrate every technique, and Rezendes shows you lots of innovative ways to combine and layer techniques for stunning results.

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Fantasy Genesis: A Creativity Game for Fantasy Artists
Fantasy Genesis: A Creativity Game for Fantasy Artists by Chuck Lukacs
2010 | ISBN: 1600613373 | English | 144 pages | PDF | 48 MB

Get Rolling on Your Most Inventive Artwork Ever!
What lurks in the shadows of your imagination? This book takes you deep into the dusty corners and dark recesses where your most original ideas lie in wait, showing you how to lure them out into daylight, and shape them into fantastic yet believable concept art.

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Illustrated Classics for Children
Illustrated Classics for Children by Kenneth Grahame
English | 2014 | eISBN: 1443437263, ASIN: B00J271IDA | 259 pages | EPUB | 13,6 MB

Re-experience the joy of childhood with these beloved illustrated classic stores for children young and old. This special ebook includes Heidi by Joanna Spyri, The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, and The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams.

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150 Masterpieces of Drawing
Anthony Toney, "150 Masterpieces of Drawing"
English | ISBN: 0486210324 | 1963 | EPUB | 150 pages | 24,5 MB

This collection, never before published in the United States, presents art from the early fifteenth to the end of the eighteenth centuries. Selected with great care and impeccable taste by a highly respected artist and teacher, these drawings are the finest efforts of great masters of Western art, a rich and glowing collection that will be treasured by every art lover.

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Beautiful Boxes: Design and Technique
Beautiful Boxes: Design and Technique by Doug Stowe
2014 | ISBN: 1621139557 | English | 176 pages | PDF | 18 MB

Making wooden boxes is one of the best ways to develop overall proficiency in woodworking. Boxes are relatively quick to build, require only a small amount of material, and can be made in the smallest of woodshops. And, of course, they make wonderful gifts!

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100% Photoshop: Create Stunning Artwork Without Using Any Photographs (Re-Up)
100% Photoshop: Create Stunning Artwork Without Using Any Photographs
English | PDF | 256 pages | Focal Press; 1 edition (March 15, 2010) | ISBN-10: 0240814258 | ISBN-13: 978-0240814254 | 58.7 MB

Just when you think youve learned all that you could ever know about working in Photoshop, digital artist and photomontage king Steve Caplin comes along with yet another masterful method for creating incredible works of art in Photoshop. This time, he’ll show you how to create complete images, from start to finish, entirely within the software program. No source material, photographs, or existing files from other software packages are needed, saving you valuable time and resources. The techniques you’ll learn in this ground-breaking new book will help you combine your artistic vision and skills with an understanding of how to manipulate the built-in Photoshop filters to produce impressive, eye-catching artwork.

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500: A Collection of Sketches By Spencer Nugent
500: A Collection of Sketches By Spencer Nugent
2013 | ISBN: n/a | English | 531 pages | PDF | 89 MB

500 is an experiment in the old adage, practice makes perfect. 500 features a collection of sketches, by product designer Spencer Nugent, produced over a period of 1 Month.

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Mixed-Media Mosaics: Techniques and Projects Using Polymer Clay Tiles, Beads & Other Embellishments
Mixed-Media Mosaics: Techniques and Projects Using Polymer Clay Tiles, Beads & Other Embellishments by Laurie Mika
2007 | ISBN: 1581809832 | English | 128 pages | EPUB + MOBI | 7 MB + 7 MB

Imagine beautiful mosaic pieces with tiles that you easily create yourself!
Mixed-Media Mosaics offers a fresh, new approach to a traditional art form. By making your own tiles from polymer clay, you control the size, shape, color and even the texture, resulting in beautiful finished pieces that include tabletops, boxes, jewelry and shrines.

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Collage Couture: Techniques for Creating Fashionable Art
Collage Couture: Techniques for Creating Fashionable Art by Julie Nutting
2011 | ISBN: 1440308314 | English | 128 pages | EPUB + MOBI | 5 MB + 5 MB

Play dress-up with your art!
Collage has never been so fashionable! In Collage Couture you'll learn how to sketch fashion figures, create stylish dresses from patterned paper and apply a variety of textured backgrounds to your collage pieces. With styles ranging from cute to elegant and sweet to sophisticated, these mixed-media projects will transport your art from the studio to the runway!

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Time to Tangle with Colors: Coloring Ideas and Techniques inspired by Zentangle
Time to Tangle with Colors: Coloring Ideas and Techniques inspired by Zentangle by Marie Browning
2011 | ISBN: 1574216732 | English | 52 pages | EPUB + MOBI | 9 MB + 10 MB

More than simply coloring regions of a tangle design, this book offers lessons which enable even the novice artist to use a brush pen to color 48 delightful Zentangle animals, plants and flowers.

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Mixed Media Revolution: Creative Ideas for Reusing Your Art
Mixed Media Revolution: Creative Ideas for Reusing Your Art by Sandra Duran Wilson, Darlene Olivia McElroy
2012 | ISBN: 1440318719 | English | 144 pages | EPUB + MOBI | 15 MB + 15 MB

Recycle, Reuse, Reinvent!
With Mixed Media Revolution, you'll learn how to leverage your art and take your paintings and transfers to the next level!

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